Woman in an office environment

Workouts To Do At Work

Getting active during your regular 9 to 5 is easier than you think.

You just need to get creative. From changing up how you sit at your desk to making the team meeting more exciting, office workout ideas can turn into healthy habits in no time. Here are six ideas for how to be active at work so you can squeeze more movement into your busy day.

1 Switch up your seat

If you’re looking for easy exercises to do at work, you can start right at your desk. After all, sitting still is boring. That’s why we all want the office swivel chair. Take it further with an exercise ball. Your body will work to keep you balanced, strengthening your core and improving posture.

2 Take a walk

Ideally, we should be getting up and out of our seats every hour. All it takes is a five-minute break from your desk to recharge your body. Take a walk to get some water and hydrate. You can even make it a business break – just use it as a chance to talk to your co-worker in person instead of emailing.

3 Bring the gym to you

No time to get up? Try discreet leg lifts with ankle weights under your desk. With expert protection on your side your co-workers will be none the wiser. Rexona anti-perspirant spray Women Sexy Intrigue Antiperspirant Deodorant and Rexona anti-perspirant spray Men Advanced Protection Adventure Antiperspirant Deodorant will keep you and your clothes fresh.

4 Moving meetings

Think outside the office. Take your team for a moving meeting and grab some fresh air. A change of environment exhilarates the senses, making this one of the most beneficial exercises for office workers. With the promise of fresh air and movement, meetings will start to be something to look forward to.

5 Track your activity

Need an extra push? Try a fitness tracker. A quick buzz will alert you when you’re on the sedentary slope and prompt you to get moving. If you’re staring at a screen all day your eyes are under a lot of strain too, making it difficult to concentrate. Refocus, refresh and step away from your desk.

Think outside the office. Take your team for a moving meeting and grab some fresh air.

6 Stand tall

Feeling adventurous? Get a standing desk. You’ll be able to sit when you need to - but the longer you stay standing, the better the rewards. Simply standing up for a few hours a day will help you strengthen your core and improve posture, making this one of the best exercises to do at work. Desk with a difference!